Double Game

This is a game show for all. An interesting , wholesome package of games to be watched and enjoyed by all. It is where dancing, singing, IQ, language and identification skills come in handy to trade points of 1000 between 2 Teams till the end as the rounds get tougher and interesting.

The Competitors

The 'Double Game' will have 2 Teams with 3 members in each competing for a total prize of Rs. 24,000/-. It is compulsory that One Team should only consist of a Celebrity and his/ her friends or family members, and the other Team consist of a Commoner and his/her family or friends. To make the challenges even more unique it will be emphasized that if Celebrity Team is all male the opposing Team is all female and vice versa.

The Double Mascots

They are the cynosure of the Game show. They add an element of fun, conflict and cheer for the game arena. They encourage their Teams, carry around the blocks of points, fight for the points as they are moved from side to side, hide the opposing team's points and can even try to sneak in the results

Points System

Each Team will be given Stars/ Blocks worth 1000 points and to begin the show each Team will have 12,000 points.

Round 1 – Dance Mania

The first round of this game show has all the glamour and oomph. It is the Dance Act, performed by one member from each Team. Based on 3 categories, Cinema, Western & Sri Lankan Traditional the contestants can chose a category and expose their talent on screen to the cheer of their Team mates. Costumes, song selection, choreography and creativity will be judged upon for this round. After both teams have competed, the Jury will give their voting verdict through a note paper to the host. The votes would vary upon the following pattern 7/0, 6/1, 5/2 or 4/3. Based upon the number of votes the losing Team will be asked to give away their points to the winning team. The vote against point’s pattern is as follows, 7/0 4000 points 6/1 3000 points 5/2 2000 points 4/3 1000 points

Round 2 - Spell Check

Each Team will be given 4 Sinhala Words with complicated spelling. The teams have the ease to select only 2 words out of the 4 and spell it out with the correct codes ie: 'sangili layanna' etc. The Team which scores high again, will receive a block of 1000 points from the losing Team. A special bonus is added here where in if both parties fail to answer 2 nos of 1000 points will be put for audience test.

Round 3 - Soloist

One member from each team will compete in this round which tests the singing skills of the individual. The Soloist can chose a song, practice prior to the shoot with the music group and expose their talent on screen. The jury will give their verdict based upon the Best voice, talent and pitch. Winning points will be decided based on votes

Round 4 - Find the Face in the Crowd – Sakavunu Amuththa

This is a puzzling, team activity with a curiosity kindling element till the end. A black & white image of a member in the audience would be photographed prior to the shoot. The image will then be cut into multiple pieces. There will be 2 such images of the same person. 2 boxes containing the cut visuals will be placed in front of each team. As the Host starts the time, members in both teams will have to pick pieces from the box and reconstruct the face on a board and look for the person among the audience. The Team to identify the Face in the Image among the audience in the shortest time span will win this round. The winners will be given points varying between 1000 to3000 by the losing team.

Round 5 - The Quiz

This is a buzzer round. The Host will ask logical reasoning, moths and I.Q based Questions. If the Team knows the answer they will have to press the buzzer to give the answer. If the answer is correct, the Team wins 1000 points from the opposition. But if the answer is wrong the opposition will be given a chance to answer. If both Teams fail to answer the points will be as they are.

Round 6 – Singing Chain Non Stop

A chance for all those who can sing and can’t sing in the teams. The orchestra will play an interlude for the Team with least points. The Team members can discuss and fill in the verse, if they are correct they get 1000 points from opposition. But if they fail to identify the song and sing at least one verse, the chance goes to the other Team. If the other team correctly identifies the song and sing a verse, they can steal 1000 points from the opposition. Likewise, the orchestra will play 4 interludes per Team and give the chance of grabbing 8000 points. If no one identifies the song piece the points will remain as they are.

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