Punchi Panchi

'Punchi Panchi' is the first ever live show for children introduced by Sirasa TV to the Sri Lankan young audience. The show launched in the year 2000 is popular even today for the interactiveplatform it affords every child to showcase their talents.

Children have an enormous creative spirit in exposing their world through dance, art and singing. Every week we receive hundreds of art work from children living all over the Island.

Telecast every Saturday & Sunday from 6.30 AM to 7.30 AM, it is the only childrens' show that has been able to garner an impressive viewership till date.


Punchi Panchi Video Gallery


ART BEAT is a spot Children from all over the country send in their art works to be shown on screen with their names being given credit.


BIG RABEE The special mascot whop comes at opportune times to entertain the children on the set, with his whimsical jokes.

PUNCHI Real Adventure

The outdoor segment where the children enthrall in adventure and discover new areas of adventure. It is a segment of educative entertainment where learning is given with real life adventure. It is a mix of science, history and geography. If not for the Punchi Panchi Team viewers can send in their videos of adventure or experiences to be read on TV.

KIDS First Look

A monthly segment where a new song by a child artiste is introduced to the viewer. It could be from Sri Lanka or any other country in the world.

Punchi Traveler

Punchi Traveler Travel is something everyone loves to do, children included. Punchi Traveler is where the Team goes out of the studio for a learning trip. It is a combination of artful traveling, discovery and facts.

The show being a stage to showcase pre-school talents has minimum 3 sets of dance, singing or acting per episode. The show boasts of minimum 40 children on set per episode. Fresh segments are introduced with changing holiday seasons every year.

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